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Vegan Salted Caramel Bounty Bars

– Post by Megan Hallett

Bounty bars are an old favourite of mine. They are so easy to master, everyone loves them and honestly, they taste better homemade than they ever will out of a wrapper. Plus, this recipe is absolutely packed with whole, healthy and nourishing ingredients that taste oh so indulgent at the same time, making for the perfect guilt-free sweet treat.

I’ve stepped it up a notch by adding a gooey, salted caramel layer that sits so perfectly against the crumbly coconut and compliments the crunch of the delicious dark chocolate coating. My absolute go-to brand for chocolate recipes is Coco Chemistry. They truly understand chocolate and my healthy goodies taste a thousand times better when I use their product. I’m all for minimal, quality ingredients, and Coco Chemistry gets it spot on.

200g of dark chocolate (I recommend Coco Chemistry’s 85% Kumabo buttons)
250g of desiccated coconut
4 tbsp of maple syrup
3 tbsp of coconut oil
6 medjool dates, pitted
Pinch of sea salt

Start by making the coconut layer. Melt down the coconut oil together with the maple syrup in a pan. Gently pour the liquid into a bowl along with the desiccated coconut and thoroughly mix until everything is combined. Place the coconut mix into a lined baking tin, distributing evenly and flatten so it is tightly compact. Place in the freezer for half an hour.

Meanwhile, make the salted caramel layer by blending the pitted medjool dates in a food processor on a high speed with around ¼ cup of warm water. Add the salt once the mixture is smooth and spread evenly on top of the coconut layer. Place back in the freezer for a further half an hour.

Lastly, melt down the chocolate in a bowl placed over a pot of simmering water. Whilst this is happening, slice your bounty bars into squares using a sharp knife to ensure a smooth edge. Take a bar and dunk it gently into the chocolate, using a spoon to help cover the top. Once all your bars are covered, store in the fridge until ready to eat. Try to resist eating before the chocolate has set, however hard that may be!

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If you are looking for the right ingredients try using our Just Dark slab you can buy online or what Megan used in this recipe, ‘Kumabo’ buttons found in our store.


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Welcome to our CHOC BLOG

Welcome to our new blog page and most importantly welcome to our chocolate shop!

We have been away for some time from social media, our website has been under construction and we were away trying to make our business better. But we are back! We have been creating our culinary kitchen in the middle of the beautiful countryside giving us all the inspiration we need to make new products and make more chocolate than ever for you our customers! Our website is now back in full action ready to take orders, our monthly newsletter is set to tell you whats going on in our calendar and our social media sites are ready to give you a snap of those little moments. Here at the chocolate blog we aim to give you a weekly source of inspiration! This could be anything from how to use our chocolate in the kitchen, what chocolate is right for you, where our pop up fairs will be, whats going on behind the scenes in our kitchen and the best way to live a chocolatiers and chocoholics lifestyle.

Chocolate consumption occurs by almost all of us, which means that there are a lot of chocolate products out there on our shelves. Here at CoCo Chemistry we strive to produce artisan, hand-made chocolates to the highest quality for our customers locally and internationally. However we are always aware that there may not be something on our shelves or in our store cupboards which you would like to see. We want to hear from you to gain an insight into your chocoholics passion and we will see if we can produce a product for you. Email your ideas over at:

Coming soon we are working with vegan, content producer and photographer Megan Hallett to take a leap into creating our own vegan chocolate range. Keep an eye out for those new products and her choc blog posts coming up this Autumn. We will also bring you blog posts on why exercise and chocolate DO go hand in hand, the latest kitchen recipes, ideal Christmas stocking fillers, where to find our products in other shops, and those all important event inspirations.

If you have a passion for chocolate, think you have any exciting stories, are good at content writing, are creators and makers who think similar to us, we want to hear from you. Feel free to email or get in touch with our creative director to express your ideas in an email which could potentially be a blog post for our choc blog in the future.

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